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I'm an Associate Professor of Chemistry at the University of Saint Joseph where I teach Organic Chemistry & Medicinal Chemistry. I run an organic/medicinal chemistry research laboratory where we design and synthesize small molecules for a variety of research projects including Anticancer therapeutics and developing novel umpulong Biginell-like reactions. I'm also interested in Chemical Education and how students learn organic chemistry.



2009 - 2013

Georgia State University

PhD Chemistry

Chemical Education

  • Assessing undergraduate curriculum and how students learn organic chemistry.

Organic Chemistry

  • Developing umpluong Biginelli-like reactions to synthesis oxazinones

  • Investigating the linear free energy relationships of bis-aldol condensations

2002 - 2005

Auburn University

BS Chemistry

Medicinal Chemistry

  • Synthesizing small libraries of compounds based on natural products and testing their medicinal properties

  • Anti-cancer therapeutics

  • Anti-Alzheimer's therapeutics


  • Organic Chemistry

  • Medicinal Chemistry

  • Polymer Chemistry

  • Advanced Organic Synthesis

  • Organic Spectroscopy

  • Biochemistry

  • General Chemistry

  • Nursing Chemistry

  • Science for Citizens

  • Chemistry and the Environment

  • Research Methods

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