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I'm an Associate Professor of Chemistry at the United States Coast Guard Academy where I teach Organic Chemistry. I run an organic/medicinal chemistry research laboratory where we design and synthesize small molecules for a variety of research projects including anticancer therapeutics and developing novel umpulong Biginelli-like reactions. I'm also interested in Chemical Education and how students learn organic chemistry.


I'm also a writer, being mentored by Rosalyn Ransaw through the Round Table Mentor program.

Here's the pitch for my middle grade STEM-focused novel:

Eighth grader Emma Fletcher’s only shot at securing an audition to the competitive arts high school of her dreams is to overcome her distaste for science and work with her friends to find new inspiration in nature.



2009 - 2013

Georgia State University

PhD Chemistry

Chemical Education

  • Assessing undergraduate curriculum and how students learn organic chemistry.

Organic Chemistry

  • Developing umpluong Biginelli-like reactions to synthesis oxazinones

  • Investigating the linear free energy relationships of bis-aldol condensations

2002 - 2005

Auburn University

BS Chemistry

Medicinal Chemistry

  • Synthesizing small libraries of compounds based on natural products and testing their medicinal properties

  • Anti-cancer therapeutics

  • Anti-Alzheimer's therapeutics


  • Organic Chemistry

  • Medicinal Chemistry

  • Polymer Chemistry

  • Advanced Organic Synthesis

  • Organic Spectroscopy

  • Biochemistry

  • General Chemistry

  • Nursing Chemistry

  • Science for Citizens

  • Chemistry and the Environment

  • Research Methods

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